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Our Guarantee to You

Independence House offers a money-back guarantee that the services you or your loved one receives from our staff will be to your satisfaction. This guarantee works in two ways:

First Week Unconditional Guarantee

If, during the first week, any new client or their family feels that Independence House has not met their expectations for quality nursing care or personal services, they may transfer from the facility and all charges will be cancelled. A full refund will be made.

Long-Term Guarantee

If at any time, the nursing care or personal services provided do not meet the satisfaction of the client or their family, a refund for the value of the service will be made subject to the following requirements:   

  • Your account must be paid in full.
  • You must advise us in writing within one week of the time the service is not rendered to your satisfaction.

A check for the cost of service or loss will be sent to the financial responsible party. Clients or families who wish to discuss or take advantage of the guaranteed service should contact the administrator.

Due to the nature of illness, we cannot guarantee the results of your medical care nor the services provided by your personal physicians, dentist or other providers of individual services. A refund under the guaranteed service program is not an admission of liability, either expressed or implied, in relation to any facility service.

The guaranteed service program does not replace a client's or family's right to file a complaint with the state survey and certification agency.

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