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Residents' Rights

The following resident rights are inherent to all residents of Independence House and must be respected and observed by all staff members, volunteers, government agents, visitors, and residents.

1. The right to a safe and pleasant living environment.  

2. The right to be treated with courtesy, respect, and full recognition of dignity and individuality.  

3. The right to the most appropriate medical and nursing treatment available and to other services which comprise the care covered by the home's rate, without regard to consideration of such as race, color, religion, national origin, handicap, age, or source of payment for care.  

4. The resident right to have clean and neat clothing, bedding and personal effects.  

5. The resident right of privacy during medical examination, treatment and care of personal or bodily needs.  

6. The resident right to be free from all chemical and physical restraints. Independence House is a "restraint free" facility. Restraints will not be used except for the client's personal safety and only as authorized in writing by the attending physician for a specified and limited period of time (not to exceed 30 days) and documented in the client's medical record. Restraints may not be used for staff convenience.  

7. The right to exercise all civil rights, unless the resident has been adjudicated incompetent and has not been restored to legal capacity, including but not limited to the right to acquire and dispose of property, to execute instruments, to vote, as well as the right to the cooperation of the facility's staff in making the necessary arrangements for the exercise of these civil rights.  

8. The right to consume a reasonable amount of alcoholic beverages at his/her own expense unless not medically advisable as documented in the medical record by a physician.  

9. Independence House is a smoke free facility. Residents (as well as visitors and employees) do not have the right to use tobacco within the facility.

10. The right to retire and rise in accordance with his/her personal wishes, provided that he/she does not disturb others, unless not medically advisable as documented in the medical record by a physician.  

11. The right to maintain individual and cultural identity, to observe religious obligations, and to meet or refuse to meet with and participate in activities of social, religious, and community groups at the resident's or the group's initiative, unless not medically advisable as documented in the medical record by a physician.  

12. The right to privacy for visits by the spouse, or if both are residents of Independence House, the right to share a room, unless not medically advisable as documented in the medical record by a physician.  

13. The right to mentally and socially compatible roommates within the capacity of the home.  

14. The right, upon request, to have room doors closed and not have them opened without knocking, except in the case of an emergency.  

15. The right to retain and use personal clothing and possessions, as space permits, in a reasonable secure manner, unless to do so would infringe upon the rights of other residents, and unless not medically advisable as documented in the medical record by a physician.  

16. The right of the resident or sponsor having legal right to property to be allowed unrestricted access to his/her property on deposit at reasonable hours. All of the following rights shall be enforceable by the resident's sponsor when:
a) A resident is adjudicated incompetent pursuant to Chapter 2111 of the Ohio Revised Code.
b) A resident is found by a physician to be medically incapable of understanding these rights and it is so documented in the medical record by a physician.  

17. The right to have all reasonable requests and inquiries responded to promptly and adequately within the capacity of the home.  

18. The right to obtain from the facility the name and specialty of the physician or other person responsible for the resident's care or for the coordination of care.  

19. The right to a physician of the resident's choice at his/her own expense or under a health care plan within the capacity of the home.  

20. The right to obtain from the attending physician complete and current information concerning medical condition, prognosis, and treatment plan, in terms the resident can reasonably be expected to understand. The right of access to all information in the medical record. The right to give or withhold informed consent for treatment after the implications of that choice has been carefully explained. When it is not medically advisable to give such information to the resident, the information shall be made available to the sponsor on the resident's behalf.  

21. The right to participate in the planning of his/her treatment or plan of care.  

22. The right to be informed of an accident; any significant change in his/her physical, mental of psychosocial status; a need to alter treatment significantly; a decision to transfer or discharge; or a change in room or roommate and have this reported to his/her sponsor within 24 hours. 

23. The right to withhold or refuse payment for any services not requested or received.  

24. The right under the Guaranteed Services program to receive a money back payment for any service that does not meet the client's or their family's satisfaction. See Our Guarantee to You.  

25. The right to confidential treatment of personal and medical records, and the right to approve or refuse the release of these records to anyone outside the home, except in case of transfer to another health care facility as required by law, or as required by a third-party payment contract.  

26. The right to refuse, without jeopardizing access to appropriate medical care, to serve as a medical research subject.  

27. The right to refuse to perform services for the facility.  

28. The right to choose a pharmacist at his/her own expense or under a health care plan within the capacity of the facility. The facility has a contract with a pharmacy for a "unit dose medication system." Residents who do not choose this arrangement will be billed a small monthly pharmacy service charge.  

29. The right to private and unrestricted communications with his/her family, physician, attorney, social worker, and any other person, unless not medically advisable as documented in the medical record by the attending physician, except that communications with public officials or with his or her attorney shall not be restricted in any event. Private and unrestricted communications shall include, but are not limited to, the right to: a) Receive, send, and mail sealed unopened correspondence
b) Access to a telephone for private communications.
c) Private visits at any reasonable hour.
d) Assistance of a foreign language or sign language interpreter for the hearing impaired.  

30. The right to be fully informed prior to or at the time of admission and during his/her stay, in writing, of services available in the home and of related charges, including charges for services not covered under Titles XVIII and XIX of the "Social Security Act," or under the basic per diem rate.

31. The right to examine and receive an explanation of an itemized monthly bill for his/her care by the home, regardless of the source of payment.  

32. The right to manage his/her own personal financial affairs or, should the home accept written delegation of this responsibility, to obtain full and complete financial details and receive at least a quarterly accounting statement of all financial transactions made on his/her behalf. Client personal funds deposited with Independence House will be kept in a separate account established solely for use by the clients and will not be commingled with facility funds.  

33. The right to be transferred or discharged only for medical reasons; or for his/her welfare or that of another resident's; or for non-payment of stay, including after due notice, of termination of third party payment contracts except as prohibited by titles XVIII or XIX of the "Social Security Act."  

34. The right to voice grievances and recommend changes in policies and services to the home, to the staff, to the Resident Council, to the staff of the Ohio Commission on Aging, to Surveyors from the Ohio Health Department, or to other outside representatives of the resident's choice, free from restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal. This right shall include the Resident Rights set out in the written policies of the home.

Public Information

The following information is available for review upon request to all persons. Any person desiring to review any of the following material should notify the business office for an appointment indicating what material they wish to see and if they desire any staff assistance. Although the material cannot be removed from the facility, copies will be made upon request for a nominal charge per page.

1. Inspection reports for the past three years.

2. Nursing and Rest Home Laws and Rules, Ohio Department of Health.

3. Life Safety Code.

The facility maintains a library of other information relative to long-term care that is available upon request.

The following resident rights Advocates can provide additional information:

50 W. Broad Street, 9th Floor
Columbus, OH 43266-0501
Phone: 800.282.1206


1624 Tiffin Avenue
Findlay, OH 45840
Phone 419.422.0182

Northwest District Office
Toledo Government Center 13th Floor
Toledo, OH 43606
Phone: 419.245.2840


3362 S. Eden Twp. Road 151
Tiffin, OH 44883
Phone: 419.447.5011

246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43266-0018
Phone: 614.466.2070


1928 E. Gypsy Lane Road
Bowling Green, OH 43402
Phone: 419.352.7566


311 East Market Street, Suite 201
Lima, OH 45801
Phone: 800.653.7778

Division of Medical Assistance
30 East Broad Street, 33rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43266-0423
Phone: 614.466.9243

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