Long Term Care

For our long term patients who choose Independence House as their permanent home, we strive to create a compassionate, home-like environment that engage minds, encourages interaction and raises spirts. Our residents are encouraged to personalize their rooms with a favorite chair, pictures, and other items that will make them feel at home. We understand how powerfully a person’s surroundings can affect their quality of life. Our staff is also dedicated to engaging our residents by providing a full social calendar that enables residents to enjoy every day that they are with us.


Independence House offers both private and semi-private accommodations with private bathrooms for our all our clients in every room.

The basic daily rate includes room, daily meals, nursing service, laundry, housekeeping, TV/Cable and activity programs.

Television & Telephone

All rooms are equipped with TVs and telephone lines. Clients may bring their phone sets from home or rent a phone from the facility.

Beauty Shop and Spa

Our residents often look forward to their time in the beauty shop..  A new hair-cut and set is a feel good for most everyone.

Our “spa” experience includes a whirlpool and footbath to help with relaxation and overall peace.  We believe this kind of treatment is "holistic" as it benefits the whole person in mind, body and spirt helping them to feel comfortable and less anxious.