Specialized programs

Independence House is unique in that we offer non-traditional programs such as aquatic therapy, a Farm to Table program, Music in Memory and OMA (Opening Minds through Art.) These programs enable our residents to engage in activities that help them to heal therapeutically and express themselves all while enjoying their time at Independence House. Our indoor swimming pool and spa along with our greenhouse and garden make these programs possible. 

Music and Memory – IPods enable our residents to enjoy music for the many emotions music can offer to people by either taking them back to a special memory or time or by just providing them with a happy uplifting song to raise their spirits.

OMA (Opening Minds through Art) – An international art program that provides a one on one opportunity to build a relationship between the resident and a volunteer. The program helps them to express their feelings and thoughts through art with an art auction at the end of the series whereby the artist will benefit from the proceeds of their only master art piece.

Farm to Table – A wonderful garden, green house and a live chicken coop allows residents the opportunity to enjoy feeding chickens and caring for a garden at their own leisure or in an organized group activity. Residents benefit from the physical activity and watching the garden grow as well as benefiting from cleaner and healthier eating.